Dear Vistor:    

        To start I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous visting on our web. Many new opportunities and challenges are lying ahead of us. After the opening of Jiary Industries, we will provide best-in-class products to our customers in the dynamic growing economies throughout whole world. In the furture, we will develop innovative in the field of products manufacturing to meet your's manifold requirements. And I extend my sincere gratitude to our customers and business partners for their trust and valuable relations. Your support combined with our capabilities make us confident to steam ahead. We look forward to partnering with you and acting as an extension of your business.


*Chemical products & the raw materials of Industry

1. To take the most of abundant local raw materials, we study on the further development and production of the series of antimony (Antimony Ore (Sb)) products. The series used for high-end glass manufacturing industry, as well as engineering plastics, textile, rubber and other industries.

2. In the according with the actual demand of products, we developed related chemical raw materials for provide the manufacturing sector. 

*Mechanical and Electrical products

Featured by rich working practice experience, we provide different kind of mechanical and electrical products, including accessories, spare parts etc.


Our work team is made of excellent researcher and professional customer services. we sticking to the policy of “service first, credit first, quality first, customer first", appraise and well sold in North America, Europe etc.